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Flavors of the Fjords 2023 ePublication Color-restored Edition

BelleAire Press is proud to announce the 2023 revised, updated, expanded, and color-restored ePUB edition of Flavors of the Fjords is now available for your reading enjoyment.

History has never tasted so good!  ™

“The book may be the most detailed history of a Norwegian-American family yet published. Flavors of the Fjords exemplifies what dedicated compilers and relatives can do to preserve knowledge of their family’s complex past. This one family’s legacy should inspire others as well.”
– Royal Norwegian Embassy

Flavors of the Fjords Cookbook CoverFlavors of the Fjords has the largest number of traditional Norwegian holiday recipes–cakes, cookies, breads–ever put together in one book! Interwoven with fascinating bits of Norwegian social history, including explanations of Norwegian Holiday traditions and customs, many of them kept alive to this day by millions of Norwegian-American families.

Authentic Fladvad and Bjørke family recipes for over 125 holiday cookies, cakes, breads, toppings, and puddings are interwoven with fascinating bits of Norwegian and Newport, Rhode Island social history. These authentic Norwegian recipes reflect the holiday cooking, uniquely Norwegian, brought to America by nearly one million Norwegian immigrants.

The first Norwegian holiday cookbook, Flavors of the Fjords includes many cookie and cake recipes never seen in “American” or “Scandinavian” cookbooks. Authentic, mouth-watering, easy-to-prepare Norwegian holiday recipes updated (and tested) from an original, 19th century manuscript cookbook written by a beautiful immigrant to Newport , Marie Fladvad Cottrell.

Arrangement Cake PlateBased on the late 19th century hand-written manuscript cookbook prepared by Marie Theresa Fladvad Cottrell, a beautiful Norwegian immigrant who married into an established Newport, Rhode Island family at the turn of century.

Poignant recollections and photographs chronicle life in Newport —all was not “Bellevue Avenue high life.”

A “distinctive” cookbook, Flavors includes colorful background on the original author, a beautiful, turn-of-the-century Norwegian immigrant, Marie Theresa Fladvad, who married and settled in Newport, Rhode Island. After her husband abandoned her and their four daughters, she refused to give up. Instead, she went into real estate, buying property on the basis of her good name and common sense. She was an active Suffragette, in addition to becoming a valued member of the Newport , R.I. Chamber of Commerce–and, its first businesswoman member, in 1915.

Arrangement Cookies Photo DiaryLavishly illustrated, it offers over 300 photographs showcased by its 8 1/2 x 11 inch format illustrating life from Norway-to-Newport, R.I.–then and now–from period portraits and views of the late 19th and early 20th century, including antique post cards, to the present day. Unpublished photographs selected from private collections (including an autographed picture of Roald Amundsen, who discovered the South Pole), antique post cards, and contemporary Norwegian scenes. See King Harald and Queen Sonja receive the cheers of thousands of children during the barnetog or children’s parade portion of Syttendemaitog.

One chapter traces the history of the Fladvad and Bjørke family farms (right) in Central and Western Norway from 1400-1900, using information obtained from Norwegian archives. Fascinating glimpses of life and times in Norway since written records were first kept are revealed.

Includes a 1,800-word Norwegian-English glossary, with useful terms for foods and cooking, but also family, kinship, home, and utensils. The Glossary is the first designed specifically to help readers wishing to translate their family Norwegian recipes.

It includes an unusual section of letters and photographs from family members describing the trials of life in German-occupied Norway during World War II.