Flavors of the Fjords Videos

Why not join us in celebrating Norway’s Independence Day, or Syttende mai on the 17th of May.

Can’t make it to Norway this year?

Why not make yourself a fresh, hot kafe med krem, boot up your computer and rejoin us right here for your own close-up view of the Oslo Syttendemaitog, march past King Harold and Queen Sonia as-close-as-this, and smile along as a seemingly endless parade of Oslo’s beautiful children march past to salute and cheer their beloved Royal Family.

Norwegian Syttendemaitog (Independence Day Parade)…

  • Norway’s colorful, joyous celebration of its Independence Day
  • Parades, many of them by children, step lively down its neat-as-a-pin streets
  • Konditori or confectioner’s shops bursting with wonderful cakes and mouth-watering treats
  • Colorful, festive crowds, many of them wearing their bunad, or national costumes
  • Folkedanser, all wearing the distinctive bunad from the region they represent, literally dance in the streets.
  • The internationally respected Norwegian flag is everywhere, from
    buildings to the tight grasp of infants being carried in back packs
  • Syttendemaitog, the Independence Day Parade, is held not just in Oslo,
    the Capitol, but across the rugged, beautiful country of Norge.
  • The Barnetog, or Children’s Parade is a special feature of the Syttende mai celebration.

Click here to enjoy a Norwegian Syttendemaitog (Independence Day Parade)…

Other “Flavors of the Fjords”

New videos…recently posted here include:

  • Maihaugen Europe’s largest outdoor heritage park.
  • Norwegian folk dancing. Enjoy seeing and hearing authentic Norwegian folk dancing on Karl Johan Street in downtown Oslo, as a prelude to the city’s joyous 17th of May Independence Day celebrations and parade.
  • Scenes of Oslo, with a special visit to the Norsk Folkemuseum, an Open-Air Museum with authentic buildings from different national regions. (Coming Soon…)
  • The Skibladner, world’s oldest side paddlewheel steamer. This video shows the historic steamer underway and while conducting simulated rescue operations. (Coming Soon…)
  • The Sunndahl, home of the Fladvad Family for over 400 years. You will want to see the beautiful Romfo Church, one of just a few octagonal churches in Norway. (Coming Soon…)