Norwegian Americans share a very special legacy in their family ties to a beautiful country, and in the delicious recipes developed over the years. This is especially true of Norwegian Holiday cooking and recipes.

The following words, terms, and phrases are excerpts from nearly 2,000 entries in Flavors of the Fjords selected based on their use in cooking, food preparation, household living, and family relationships.

We hope they may be of some help to those of you who wish to translate family recipes or letters.

Feel free to recommend additional terms for inclusion in future editions.

To assist readers translating family recipes, we have included various phrases and terms excerpted from manuscript cookbooks. These are italicized (in quotes) and retain their original spelling.

If you have a word or term from a Norwegian manuscript cookbook or similar document that you cannot translate, why not share it with our Editors and readers. Simply forward your query to:

You should keep in mind that although Norway has two official languages, we have used only one of them in this Glossary, namely “rikesmål.” The other official langauge is called “nynorsk” (new Norwegian), which is an artificial language created from various dialects spoken in different parts of Norway.