“The book may be the most detailed history of a Norwegian- American family yet published. Flavors of the Fjords exemplifies what dedicated compilers and relatives can do to preserve knowledge of their family’s complex past. This one family’s legacy should inspire others as well.”
– Royal Norwegian Embassy

“I am awe-struck over your magnificent book,” writes D.B. from San Diego , CA. “I was captivated by the account of the life of Marie Fladvad Cottrell. What a gutsy and remarkable woman!” “The pictures of early Newport were fascinating.” “I will certainly enjoy the Norwegian history and photographs–and trying the holiday recipes. Congratulations on completing this thoughtful and beautiful book. I’m sure it will delight many readers. I feel blessed to have a copy. Thank you.”

“Flavors is more than just a cookbook! The book itself is an entertaining recipe for learning about all things Norwegian. This culinary sojourn documents a quest for discovering what motivated Norwegians to immigrate to America . It captures the spirit behind the distinctive historic blend of cultures and history that makes up Norway ‘s heart and soul. History has never tasted so good!”
– Kevin Aandahl, Norwegian-American

“It is indeed a handsome publication,” V.T writes from Newport, R.I., “you should be very pleased. I would think it might be a first of its kind…I shall read it word for word…”

“I just received my copy and I’m stunned at the quality and effort you put in,” wrote Jerry Kashtan, of Germantowne, Maryland. “I sense it will be a massive hit among chefs, home cooks, Norwegians, and anyone interested in Norwegian family history and adventure.”

One Atlanta, Georgia reader wrote about her plans for Christmas. “The children certainly will find copies under the tree this year. I know the book will mean so much to them all, especially as the years go by.” However, she only got a brief look at her copy, she reported. “I have not had a chance to fully view the book as a friend was visiting yesterday, and she whisked it out the door. It will be fun to hear her reaction as she is a deep and bright person. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your mammoth effort.”

“I was fascinated by the background of your work,” wrote a Danish-American college professor in New York, “and know I will be equally interested in trying out some of the adapted recipes. I am interested at many different levels because: (1) I am of Danish background and only have one recipe remaining from my Great Grandmother (my Great Aunt thought no one would be interested, so threw her recipes out!); (2) I am a cooking teacher and often assign projects on planning menus of different ethnic backgrounds; and (3), I am interested in recipe conversions towards more healthy ingredients and cooking methods…I really appreciate the book and look forward to reading and using it.”

“Yesterday evening I spent studying the pictures and rereading the full story,” wrote B.J. from Oslo, Norway. “I was very impressed. The cover in delicate colours gives you an appetite for looking inside, and I feel that this appetite will increase steadily when you have first started reading. Not only because of the recipes, which ought to make any reader’s mouth water, but also because of all the pictures which take the reader many, many years back to times when everything was so very different from the life we are living today. “The progress of the story also sharpens the appetite; you always want to know more. All the time you wonder what is going to happen next.”